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Hiking through the Moosalbtal

Our 50th event on Groups Place did not start that great. Our train had a delay before leaving Heidelberg, so we eventually took the S-Bahn instead. As a consequence, we arrived one hour late at the train station in Frauenalb-Schielberg.

From then on we were really lucky, though. There had been a small chance of thunderstorms in the forecast and some members had decided not to join the hike. However, apart from one distant rumble it was a beautiful summer day.

At the Naturfreundehaus in Moosbronn I was finally able to have a piece of cake that I had not made myself. Unfortunately half of the cake was already eaten when I remembered I should take a photo. Oh, well…

In my opinion the Moosalbtal is more suited for biking than hiking, though. The trail is very wide and not really beside its namesake river Moosalb. There is one part of the trail where a narrow path goes through meadows.
It looks pretty, but the path has a slope to the right and is packed dirt that feels as hard as aspalt. Not a lot of fun to walk on, actually. In addition, as the day was very hot and we were walking through the meadow with no shade, I felt as if I was being boiled or barbecued.

Shortly before the end we had time for another break and cooled our hands and feet in the Moosalb. Finally we walked the remaining half kilometer to the train station in Fischweier and headed home to Karslruhe and Heidelberg respectively.

Tyrolean nut cake

Hike around Hemsbach on Blütenweg and Burgensteig

One of our members suggested a hike around Hemsbach, a town north of Weinheim. The hike featured two popular trails, the Blütenweg and the Burgensteig.

We passed a place of pilgrimage (Wallfahrtsstätte) in the forest, visited the stone mare (Steinerner Gaul), the Waldnerturm (stone tower and viewpoint) and the Jewish Cemetery.

The area around the Waldnerturm was very busy because there is a parking lot nearby. Lots of families had taken the opportunity to go for a picnic on this beautiful summer day.

All around we had beautiful views – first the vineyards, then the hills of the Odenwald.
My cake today was again homemade – a Tyrolean nut cake with lots of chocolate.

Redcurrant muffins

The first hike after what feels like an eternity

Our first hike after a hiatus of almost three months took place around Birkenau in the Odenwald.
The weather forecast had predicted all kinds of bad weather. Perhaps that was the reason why only three of us accepted the challenge and went hiking nevertheless. Eventually, we only got into one short shower towards the end of the hike.

The area is really pretty – rolling hills, forest, pastures, panoramic views. We hiked mostly on wide trails, which I am usually not too fond of. Right now those trails are ideal, though, because we can hike side by side and still abide by the rules regarding the minimum distance between two persons.

The cake today however (rather: the Redcurrant muffins) was home-made as we were not going to stop at a café. We will continue in this fashion except if we perhaps find a place with lots of space to sit outdoors. And sadly there is no sharing of food right now to avoid spreading an infection.

Still, we had lots of laughs and a good time hiking together again!
And the next hike is already being prepared.

Will Hike for Cake hikes are back!

Our next hike is coming up!

We will go to the Odenwald and hike around Birkenau. More details such as meeting point, trail profile, packing list are posted on Will Hike for Cake on Groups Place. For safety reasons, only members can see that information. If you want to know more about the hike or even participate, please Choose “Register” to create your account and become a group member.

We will follow the guidelines recommended by the German hiking association (Deutscher Wanderverband) during the COVID-19 pandemic. As a consequence, the number of participants is limited even more. Every participant needs to register with their full name and telephone number. We will also keep the recommended distance between each hiker, avoid crowded hiking hot spots, and so on.

But at least we can go hiking again together and socialize a bit!