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Plum cake with streusel

All quiet at the Roman frontier

To be honest, I had thought the remains of walls and palisades of the Roman Limes would be more impressive. There were three places where we saw remains of an old fort, watchtowers and a reconstructed piece of palisade.

The most interesting part was probably the boundary stone between Baden-Wuerttemberg, Bavaria, and Hesse. We took a group photo with people standing in three different federal states.

What was nice is that we hardly encountered any other hikers. Even in two places with parking lots nearby, there were hardly any or no other people. We also hiked a tiny part of the Nibelungensteig. For quite some time, while walking along the line former Roman frontier the trail is directly located at a fence. I felt as if we were a group of smugglers, deserters, or spies. In one place, you can go up a wooden set of stairs and thus get over the fence into an enclosure with remains of the former buildings. In other places you need to open a gate to get into the enclosure.

The six of us still had a lot of fun and deep belly laughs! We started in a very neat village (Hesseneck-Schöllenbach), then early on saw a rain shower coming directly at us from further away and we started running for cover. Later we had a strange encounter that gave us goosebumps and might evolve into an urban legend the more often we talk about it. And then our long break at a local inn with cake and elder liqueur. This time I had plum cake with streusel.