Monthly Archives: September 2020

Pear cake and chocolate whisky cake

Second hike on Blütenweg and Burgensteig around Hemsbach

A few days ago, the weather forecast had looked better for Saturday. Therefore, I preponed the planned hike originally planned for Sunday. As a result, only 2 of us ventured outdoors yesterday and tested whether our rain gear works properly ;).

We repeated the hike that we had done in June, just a bit wetter, faster, and with fewer breaks.

On the plus side, I had come by car to be more flexible – trains back to Heidelberg leave only once per hour. The other participant suggested “Why don’t you drive back via Leutershausen and get some cake to go at the cafe there?” For the rest of the hike I daydreamed about the possible cakes there.

Eventually, I got a piece of pear cake with chocolate mousse and caramel pudding as well as a piece of dense chocolate whisky cake, both of which I enjoyed at home with a cup of coffee after a hot shower.