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Cake with punch-soaked filling

Two summits, sun and pretty views

Today was an unusually warm day with about 18°C. The dark season is just around the corner with greyish days and muted colors. Therefore, it was a perfect opportunity to soak up some sun and to enjoy the fall colors all around us.

We even hiked two summits (Kanzelberg, Hohe Waid) and visited the site where a plane crashed in 1973. To be honest, the summits were well below the 500 m mark above sea level, but it sounds impressive, doesn’t it?

We encountered many bikers, hikers, and a big group of people on horseback. It seems that a lot of people felt the need to be outdoors and get some fresh air and sun.

Best of all, at the end of the hile we easily got a table on the terrace of our favorite café in Leutershausen. Today I ate punch-soaked cake (“Punschtorte”).

Banana Bread

Hidden trails around Weidenthal and Esthal

Weidenthal is almost unknown for hiking. In the many hiking guide books I have read, the area was never mentioned. Therefore I thought it might be a good location for a Sunday in the Palatinate. Shortly after posting the hike I added 2 km to the hike. Thus we would be able to visit some of the wells along the Esthaler Brunnenwanderweg. I had hiked that trail a few years back and part of the trail was extremely scenic.

When we got off the S-Bahn, only one other small group of hikers got off with us. Just one stop ahead in Lambrecht, big groups had vacated the S-Bahn and headed towards the forest.

Where we hiked we had the forest almost to ourselves. Once in a while at intersections we met other hikers or bikers, but most of the time we only heard the sounds of the forest and our own voices.

Part of our trails belonged to the “Pfälzer Hüttensteig”. There are lots of catered huts in the Palatinate Forest but I had already know that there would not be any hut on our planned trail. Luckily I had brought a few slices of homemade banana bread as a treat. But once again I ate the cake before taking a photo and therefore re-enacted the situation back home.

Truffle cake

Off-trail adventure around the Erzberg of Fürth

Despite proper planning of our hike, it seems that the underlying map of Fürth in the Odenwald was not up-to-date in two places. As a consequence, what was supposed to be a path out of Fürth into the Forest ended at an enclosed pasture. A little later we took a trail made by a harvester and had to hike a bit off-trail again, but that was probably my mistake. Last but not least a grassy path that I had chosen was so overgrown that I decided on the spot to take a different trail. Usually I prefer taking narrow paths instead of multi-purpose forest trails, but that might have been a bit too adventurous.

We hardly met any other people, despite Sunday being the nicest day of the whole week. There was only one busier part of the trail along a ridge, where we had some pretty views. We were lucky to secure a spot for our lunch break and enjoy the sun for a while.
Later the sun hid behind clouds and we started walking again as to not get too cold.

Back in Fürth, we made a small detour to a café. Unfortunately, the terrace is adjacent to the buy through road with a lot of noise and pollution. Luckily, I had cancelled our reservation two days prior because the weather forecast had not been that great. Therefore, we just got some cake to go and returned to the train station. I had a truffle cake that tasted great but was very rich. It rarely happens, but I would have been happier with 2/3 of the piece.

Back home, I edited the OSM data to save other hikers from having the same experience. Hopefully the new map data will be available in a couple of days.