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Gigantic pieces of cake

Tough hikers on the Ottilienberg

Rain, rain, and more rain. No only in the forecast, but all through the night and in the morning, too. At least it was not a heavy downpour, but still… I was doubtful if the other eight group members would show up for the hike. After all, “Will Hike for Cake” does not sound like a group for survival training. I was so doubtful that I even downloaded a few caches in the morning. At least I would be occupied on the trail in case everyone was going to be a no-show.

I need not have worried. On the train we were already three people, a fourth one got on mid-way. At the train station in Eppingen, the remaining five hikers were already waiting.

Throughout the hike, not a single complaint. Instead, we laughed a lot and even the first-timers were not shy and cracked a lot of jokes.

And although I had feared for our coffee and cake after, we got a place outside, sheltered by sunshades that also kept off the rain. Furthermore, we were rewarded with gigantic pieces of cake.

Again spaghetti ice cream with Amarena cherries

Hike from Rimbach to Hemsbach

If today’s hike looks a bit familiar: I love the area around the “Steinerner Gaul” and especially the view when leaving the forest close before reaching the Waldnerturm viewtower.

Therefore, I took part a previous hike and chose a different starting point. Overall, there were beautiful views as well as cow and horse pastures. Reviewing my own hike already while we were hiking, the part of asphalted trails was too high for me and my feet started complaining around half-way. I prefer narrow paths, ideally those that even cushion the impact a bit.

Nobody felt like cake today, so all us us had ice cream instead ­čÖé

Little Red Riding Hood Cake

Rosenthal monastery ruins and ponds in the forest

The intention of this hike was to be in the forest on a hot August day. However, (not only) today was quite a cool day when six of us explored the Rosenthal monastery ruins and then hiked through the forest.

During our lunch break there were two rainshowers. Still, we made it back to our cars and the coffee and cake stop. Luckily our timing had been good, so we paid when the sky got darker.

Driving home was a different story, though. Heavy rain, hailstones on the roads and then also from above, thunderstorms. Well, at least we had not been outdoors at that time anymore.