Monthly Archives: September 2021

No cake today… (for me)

Everything went well and still… at the end I did not feel like having ice cream or cake.

After the rainy hike in the forest last week I thought a hike in the sun would be nice. Therefore, I had prepared a hike for September 5 through the vineyards, then into the Palatinate Forest, and back to Bad Dürkheim again through the vineyards. Too bad that this day it was almost a bit too hot for hiking in the vineyards.

When I noticed the temperature in the morning, I decided to switch the direction of the hike. That meant a longer part in the vineyards in the beginning and less open country at the end. It was such a contrast to the week before. For the hike to the Ottilienberg I had gladly worn worn my long-sleeved merino wool top during our breaks.
During the whole hike I felt barely hungry, just the need to stay hydrated. The ascent up to the Michaelskapelle, then further to the Heidenlöcher, combined with the high temperature took its toll.

Luckily, by switching the direction of the hike we had a nice stop towards the end at Wachtenburg castle, and the 10 of us enjoyed a cold drink before heading back to Bad Dürkheim. Because we were a little late for our tram back, half of the group got some ice-cream and the other half bought cake to go. I just was exhausted.