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A special day for geocaching

Every serious geocacher sooner or later looks at the different statistics in their profile. Did they cover all 81 combinations of difficulty & terrain? How many countries and counties did they find geocaches in? Did they fill their calendar and found at least one geocache on all 366 days of geocaching in a year?
The opportunity to fill an empty sport in the calendat arises once a year for almost every date. February 29 is an exception and therefore a very special day for geocaching.

As 2020 is a leap year, I had set up an event for geocaching. Eventually only one other person signed up for this rare opportunity. This person is an experienced geocacher and a good friend. Together we have had quite some adventures, both successful treasure hunts and failures too. As the two of us had some unfinished business, we decided to tackle different geocaches than the ones I had planned for the group. A while ago we had been in the middle of a geocache treasure hunt and not able to continue. Sadly, a stage that should have contained a hint where to go next had been destroyed.

To be on the safe side, we first searched an easy traditional geocache to make sure we could log at least one find today. That geocache was discovered quickly. Then we tackled today’s main task and after many more riddles, codes, and calculating, we eventually reached our goal after more than 2 hours. We discovered the final location and were able to sign the log.