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Tyrolean nut cake

Hike around Hemsbach on Blütenweg and Burgensteig

One of our members suggested a hike around Hemsbach, a town north of Weinheim. The hike featured two popular trails, the Blütenweg and the Burgensteig.

We passed a place of pilgrimage (Wallfahrtsstätte) in the forest, visited the stone mare (Steinerner Gaul), the Waldnerturm (stone tower and viewpoint) and the Jewish Cemetery.

The area around the Waldnerturm was very busy because there is a parking lot nearby. Lots of families had taken the opportunity to go for a picnic on this beautiful summer day.

All around we had beautiful views – first the vineyards, then the hills of the Odenwald.
My cake today was again homemade – a Tyrolean nut cake with lots of chocolate.

Spanish marzipan rum cake

Mediocre start of the hiking season 2020

To be exact, we had not stopped hiking at all. Throughout the very mild past winter there was a hike every few weeks and a handful of us ventured outdoors.
When the weather promised to get warmer, I thought it would be a good idea to plan a hike that could be shortened and thus tailored to everyone’s fitness level. It turned out to be a mediocre start into spring, however.

I picked a hike of one of my first hiking guide books. The hike was described as going along the Burgensteig, starting in Weinheim and ending in Schriesheim.
When planning the hike in detail, I had already seen on my map that the suggested trail and the Burgensteig did not always match. Still, I thought it would be a good start. I manually shortened the hike because the suggested itinerary was too long for us. In addition I had an ulterior motive: going to a café in Leutershausen that we had discovered last fall.

Eventually only three of us signed up for Sunday. Knowing the other participants, it was clear that all of us would hike the full length.

The start in Weinheim was pretty, walking through the area of the Hermannshof, where spring was already in full bloom. Snowdrops, crocuses, daffodils, the first tulips, and so on.
Once we headed into the Exotenwald, the trail became disappointing. Lots of asphalt, wide multi-purpose trails, and for quite a while the Burgensteig was identical to the Blütenweg. This meant walking through residential areas and passing backyards. Once the Burgensteig got interesting and narrow, but just a few meters further all trees on the slope had been cut down, and we walked through a kind of wasteland. Some of the views from the vineyards over the Rhine valley were nice, though.

The real highlight for me was the cake at the café – a Spanish marzipan rum cake. Simply divine! Next time I just need to remember to take a photo first and then start eating…