Off-trail adventure around the Erzberg of Fürth

Despite proper planning of our hike, it seems that the underlying map of Fürth in the Odenwald was not up-to-date in two places. As a consequence, what was supposed to be a path out of Fürth into the Forest ended at an enclosed pasture. A little later we took a trail made by a harvester and had to hike a bit off-trail again, but that was probably my mistake. Last but not least a grassy path that I had chosen was so overgrown that I decided on the spot to take a different trail. Usually I prefer taking narrow paths instead of multi-purpose forest trails, but that might have been a bit too adventurous.

We hardly met any other people, despite Sunday being the nicest day of the whole week. There was only one busier part of the trail along a ridge, where we had some pretty views. We were lucky to secure a spot for our lunch break and enjoy the sun for a while.
Later the sun hid behind clouds and we started walking again as to not get too cold.

Back in Fürth, we made a small detour to a café. Unfortunately, the terrace is adjacent to the buy through road with a lot of noise and pollution. Luckily, I had cancelled our reservation two days prior because the weather forecast had not been that great. Therefore, we just got some cake to go and returned to the train station. I had a truffle cake that tasted great but was very rich. It rarely happens, but I would have been happier with 2/3 of the piece.

Back home, I edited the OSM data to save other hikers from having the same experience. Hopefully the new map data will be available in a couple of days.