Tough hikers on the Ottilienberg

Rain, rain, and more rain. No only in the forecast, but all through the night and in the morning, too. At least it was not a heavy downpour, but still… I was doubtful if the other eight group members would show up for the hike. After all, “Will Hike for Cake” does not sound like a group for survival training. I was so doubtful that I even downloaded a few caches in the morning. At least I would be occupied on the trail in case everyone was going to be a no-show.

I need not have worried. On the train we were already three people, a fourth one got on mid-way. At the train station in Eppingen, the remaining five hikers were already waiting.

Throughout the hike, not a single complaint. Instead, we laughed a lot and even the first-timers were not shy and cracked a lot of jokes.

And although I had feared for our coffee and cake after, we got a place outside, sheltered by sunshades that also kept off the rain. Furthermore, we were rewarded with gigantic pieces of cake.